Have my passwords been leaked?

Almost every week there are reports of data breaches happening around the world, where large companies’ data bases of clients personal information are accidentally or by malicious intent leaked onto the internet for all to see.

Often the data breaches include email address and their associated passwords related to that business or online social media application.

If you are concerned that maybe some of your passwords have been leaked or hacked, you can go to the website and type in the passwords you use, and see if they are part of any data base that has been breached.

Watch the video below.

5 simple ways to be more secure

Have you ever wondered, how can I make the computers I use at home and at work, more secure against attacks? With the ever increasing amount of Malware and Ransomware being thrown onto the internet, we must continually maintain a high level of awareness of how our networks are setup, the status of our backups, (do we have any, and if so, do they work?), and am I being Phished by the latest email or text message?

In the video below, I outline five simple ways we can all make our computer networks more secure against cybercrime, without too much effort or expense.